Best decorating ideas for bedrooms over the bed

decorating ideas for bedrooms on a budget

Here are 5 best decorating ideas for bedrooms that you can consider when you want to improve your bedroom. Your bedroom is the privacy area where it accommodates your most appropriate requirement both for privacy and rest. There are 5 ways that you can do when you want to décor your bedroom; there are wall art, wall mirror, shelving, plates, and wall decals. The over bed wall is the main wall where people will look forward as first sight when they enter the room. Therefore it is important for accommodate decorating ideas for over the bed.

Wall Art
This is the most popular option for decorate the space, especially to the above bed. The hanging piece in centered above the bed is adding traditional feeling. For modern and creative arrangement, the asymmetrical arrangement, the collage style is perfect to apply. Choose framed prints, family photo, or canvas for adding personal touch to your wall art. Remember that the wall art is the easiest way for reinforce the palette color in your bedroom. Here the rule when you decide to use wall art hang in over bed; hang the art at least approximately 8 to 10 inches above your bed headboard.

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Wall Mirror
Mirror is the most important decorating elements that give many benefits when it install in bedroom. When you use big mirror in small bedroom, it can give you illusion for creating bigger look as it reflect the natural lights. As mirror hang in your over bed, it can create focal point visually into your whole bedroom. One decorative frame mirror or the distinct shape can easily create the statement such as the sunburst mirror. For twist effect, you can try the variety similar mirrors or hang identical mirrors both side.

Shelving is great way for create modern or contemporary look such as when applied floating shelves. Add the display accessories into the shelving such as vase, picture frame, or even your collections. Use unique display that will represent to your personality and style.

Hang the arrangement plates that varying in size, form, color, and patterns. You can display plates in cluster arrangement, mix with other art work or hung with straight line.

Wall decals
This is the easiest bedroom decors you can apply. There are no nails required, even glue when apply wall decals into over the bed. Decals are temporary and it can fix the empty wall. The decorating ideas for bedrooms also enhance the space, wall decals add visual interest into bedroom with the motifs and colors.

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