The Best Ideas of Bathroom Tile Gallery

small bathroom floor tile ideas

Bathroom tile gallery is probably one of many things to consider when you want to decorate or renovate your bathroom. You must agree that the application of good tiles can make your bathroom look more attractive as well. It is also supported by the fact that the tiles may not only be installed on the floor but also the wall.

The main function of tiles on the wall is so that the wall cannot be easily rotten or damaged due to the water splashing. Interestingly, there are so many ideas of tiles applied for the bathroom. The designs are various so that you can choose one out of them that you may like the most. Here are then some tips and tricks you can follow in choosing the tiles.

Bathroom tile gallerybest tile for small bathroom floorTile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Tiles with Light Colors
Tiles with light colors are considered as “safe” for any kind of bathroom. Yes, it is definitely recommended for small and narrow bathroom since the colors are able to make the atmosphere less stuffy and cramped. Besides, when it is combined with proper windows and ventilation, it can reflect more sunshine so that you don’t need to turn on the light in the daytime. Meanwhile, for the large bathroom that is considered as more flexible, it is good also for its ability to make the room look more luxurious.

Tiles with Light ColorsSmall bathroom tiles ideas

The Pattern
It is actually not a big deal whether you prefer tiles with pattern or the plain ones. However, it is more suggested to use the tiles with pattern particularly if you still remain the plain wall. Of course, it is basically to make the bathroom look more balance and not monotonous. Since the tiles for wall already have pattern, it is a good idea if the floor tiles are those that are plain. So, what are the kinds of pattern to be applied anyway? It depends on your taste for sure. If you love classic designs and the bathroom itself is decorated in the design, the tile must be with such a pattern for sure. Classic pattern is signed by the application of floral and other traditional nuance. Meanwhile, modern patterns for tiles are commonly those who represent the fiber of rocks or woods.

Bathroom tiles with classic patternClassic Tile pattern designs small bathroomsTraditional & Classic Bathroom Tile IdeasTraditional bathroom tile with pattern

Mosaic Tiles
Do you want your bathroom look more unique? Why don’t you apply the idea of mosaic tiles? It is when the small tiles are arranged to form a certain pattern or image. Although this idea is new, it is considered as the most likable bathroom tile gallery.

Bathroom mosaic tiles ideasBathroom Mosaic Tile Design Ideas

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