New Trends on Interior Design Ideas for Bedroom You Should Try

Comfy Custom Unique Headboard for Bedroom

People are eager to explore interior design ideas for bedroom when they are decorating their home. The reason is simple, the bedroom is supposed to be their private area, so not only it must bring cozy atmosphere, it has to represent their personality as well. If you are looking for inspiration for your bedroom interior design, simply check the new trends on interior design for bedroom below!

1. Dramatic wallpaper
The first trend on interior design for bedroom is dramatic wallpaper. Unlike the common wallpaper we know, the dramatic ones are mostly dominated with metallic paint design on the colored wallpaper. Install the dramatic wallpaper on the wall against neutral and solid headboard to balance the space.

interior design ideas for bedroom

2. Playful Mix Up
One of the interior design ideas for bedroom which become trends lately is the playful color mix up. The purpose is bringing the fun and chic vibe to the bedroom. One of the examples given by designer Erinn Valencich is the fresh look by pairing apple green and girly pops of pink shades.

Playful Color Interior Design Ideas for Bedroom

3. Fresh Flowers
We may think having fresh flowers in the bedroom is an old-school, but it is no more like that. Having fresh and colorful flowers now becomes a new trend in bedroom’s interior design, especially if you pick a freshly picked flowers which color is pink or fuchsia.

Fresh Flowers in Bedroom

4. Multipurpose Space
We see many hotels try to bring your home’s bedroom in their room design. But the new trend is to make your bedroom looks like one of the hotel-suites. It’s a trend worth to try, especially for those bedrooms which have large spaces. The idea can be simply explained by making a home inside a home.

Bedroom Ideas Multipurpose Space Furniture

5. Convenient Features
Still adopting the hotel room concept, the next interior design idea for bedroom is by having convenient features inside it. You can have a coffee bars in the bedroom complete with espresso machines and mini refrigerator. It will be more perfect to have the washers and dryers inside your bedroom if it is possible.

Master Bedroom Ideas with Coffee Bars

6. Custom Headboard
Having a custom headboard instead of buying the readymade ones is also becoming a big trend in interior design for bedroom nowadays. The use of unique headboard can enhance the theme of your bedroom you’re trying to bring up with. Besides, most of the time, it is cheaper to order custom headboard instead of the readymade ones. Here you can play with your creativity to pick the headboard as it can come out with a lot of interior design ideas for bedroom.

Elegant Headboard for Master Bedroom

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