Pictures of Kitchen Cabinets Ideas that Would Inspire You

Pictures of Kitchen Cabinets Vintage Style Ideas Photos

Kitchen cabinet is one of the biggest element in the kitchen and of course, the most expensive. Thus you have to be more considered when it is time for you choosing the cabinet. There are many pictures of kitchen cabinets offered on magazines or online. So let’s get to know variety of kitchen cabinets on market.

Traditional style
Like in traditional style of kitchen where you can see decorative molding, arches and corbels, you can see them also in traditional style of kitchen cabinet. The traditional cabinet often use white for its color since the color would give a touch of elegant and timeless for kitchen. Bead-boarded panel and inset door can be added to cabinet so the kitchen won’t be too stodgy anymore.

Kitchen Cabinets Traditional Style Photo

Urban style
You can say that urban style is almost like contemporary style since the cabinet often use flat-front door with squared-off shape. Stainless steel for stove or refrigerator also show you the touch of contemporary style. However the hardwood cabinet would give you timeless and warmth vibes. So it is safe that we say that urban style is combination between contemporary and traditional style.

Vintage style
Vintage kitchen cabinet often use vintage decorative details like handcraft door knob, visible door latches and decorative handcraft in deep molding. The kitchen door often use glass panel so you can see antique appliance behind it.

Transitional style
This kitchen cabinet style is perfect for homeowners who want their kitchen looking modern and yet want to keep the traditional warmth and comfort. Usually transitional style kitchen cabinet is in white color and shaker door but with brushed-nickel handle door so it won’t look too traditional and fit with stainless steel kitchen appliances in the kitchen.

Farmhouse style
Farmhouse kitchen style often use distressed wood so it looks like your grandma’s kitchen. The cabinet usually use unmatched colors like you can see in real farmhouse where the homeowner doesn’t care for color paint they use for kitchen cabinet. Open-shelves or glass-panels door cabinet also one of trademark for farmhouse kitchen cabinet.

Classic white style
Classic white kitchen cabinet maybe is the most popular cabinet since it fits with any kinds of kitchen style. Different shades would change the appearance of cabinet. The choice of kitchen door and drawers also affected the whole appearance of cabinet and the kitchen itself.

Industrial style
Industrial style emphasize functionality and durability. Thermofoil or melamine kitchen cabinet can be the choice for industrial style. It may look like it is painted though it is not. It is maintenance free and very durable. The style is often be used as one of inspiration in pictures of kitchen cabinets.

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