Tips and Tricks Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens

Minimalist Cook Kitchen Island ideas

Who knows that with these kitchen designs for small kitchens you can trick it to look larger than the how the space’s supposed to be? Yep, small space may give pain in the ass to design as proper kitchen. But no need to get stress anymore as you can try these tips below to keep away your small kitchen from feeling claustrophobic!

Choose Moveable Seating
For the dining area you can pick moveable benches with wheels so you can roll it under the table or island to give some space when you are preparing the foods. This kind of low moveable seating also provides more space for people to seat on it. You may find the one in set with the table so it has matching color.

White Kitchen Island With Moveable SeatingMoveable Seating for Dining room

Transparent Chair? Why Not?
Having chairs which are made of see-through materials is also one of the unique and smart kitchen designs for small kitchens. It provides seating with no blocking view; making a sense of more additional space to the kitchen.

Modern Country Transparent Chair for kitchenCozy Transparent Chair for kitchen ideasTransparent Chair for kitchen

Opt for Cook’s Island
Considering the small space, you may try to find a cook’s island like the apartment’s kitchen design in Amsterdam. This cook’s island is very effective to free more space as it contains stove, oven, and prep altogether!

Modern Cook Kitchen Island ideasVintage Cook Kitchen Island ideas

Clever Hanging Storage
With a small kitchen, we get more trouble with the tools storage. Here, the creativity is needed to find additional storage without making the kitchen looks more crowded. Hanging the large kitchen tools such as large pots, pans, and teapots in the ceilings is one of the clever solutions to your storage problem.

Mirror and Windows
Adding mirror or installing windows in the kitchen can be a great idea to make the space looks roomier. The mirror will reflect the other side of the room kind of adding some space to the kitchen. Whilst, the window can give large illusion to the small kitchen by providing sweeping view to the outside as well as a medium for a sun light to go through to the kitchen.

Mirror decoration for small kitchenMirror & Windows Decorating Kitchen designMirror decor in Kitchen Design IdeasSquare Mirror Decorating Tips for Kitchen design

Minimalist Cabinets and Cook top
If it is impossible to bring more mirrors to the kitchen, then you can opt for minimalist cabinets and cook top as the substitution. The white, sleek and glossy finish of the cabinets and cook top here are as effective as the mirror to streamline the design as well as pull the light into the kitchen. It’s definitely among the best kitchen designs for small kitchens in modern minimalist houses.

Kitchen Cabinet Design for Minimalist Kitchen Ideas Small Kitchen with Minimalist Cabinets design Ideaskitchen designs for small kitchens Cooktop in Small Kkitchen Island

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