3 Easy Tips for Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Shabby chic interior design is one of the most everlasting ideas. It brings out the sense of simple but romantic and elegant. Well, it can be seen clearly from the applications of floral or lacy patterns anywhere. If you are interested in this idea, of course, you must prepare all things until the details including the furniture. Shabby chic coffee table must also be included in your shopping list. So, how should coffee table in shabby chic design looks like?

Small Table with Classic Cutting
There is a simplest way to differentiate between modern and classic furniture. Modern furniture tends to be minimalist in term of designs. There is less or even no detail at all. It is different from classic furniture in which the classic details are everywhere. It can be in the form of engraving and others. Shabby chic uses this classic idea as the most important element. Therefore, to match your shabby chic interior, make sure that the coffee table you buy has such details like in the form of floral or lacy.

Shabby Chic Coffee Tables with Storage

Country and Rustic Ideas
Details like engraving mentioned above are mainly related to the luxurious classic. It is such an idea you may commonly find in the royal or aristocrat houses. Of course, this idea is also related to the glamorous, richness, wealth, and others. However, classic style does not only belong to them the rich one. Common people in the past have interior design and ideas that tend to be simple and cheap but beautiful as well. Those ideas are often classified as the country and rustic ideas. Those ideas are focused on the coarse cutting, the absence of varnish, and more. Well, if you want your shabby chic interior look more unique and different, coffee table in country and rustic ideas are necessary.

Even the Modern Designs
Modern coffee table is indeed in contrast with the general idea of shabby chic. But it doesn’t mean you cannot use it to beautify your shabby chic room. In fact, blending two or more types of interior design is not something new nowadays. However, you must try to make the modern table look more classical through some ways. An example is in term of colors. Try to apply pastel colors like white, mustard, and even pink here. Besides, you can also adorn it by covering the table with ruffled and floral cloth or put a vase of flowers on it.

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