3 Unique Ideas for Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby Chic Living Room

Ideas for shabby chic living room. Bringing out classic style in home interior decoration is not something wrong in this modern day. Yes, if you are tired enough with contemporary-minimalism around, just try to go back to the romantic era. Shabby chic design is one of them. Indeed, shabby chic basically looks so feminine and girly. This is something the men commonly avoid. But you must not worry since there are some unique shabby chic ideas for more neutral look. It can be seen from its application in the living room. Check them out.

Neutral Pastel Colors
Shabby chic interior design is closely related to pastel colors like pink, white, caramel, milky blue, and many more. Those colors are even combined at once to accentuate the classic look more. Of course, so that you can lessen the girly look here, just try remove colors like pink and the likes. You can only use the neutral ones like white, caramel, chocolate, and probably blue and green in pastels. If you think those colors are too monotonous, you can strike it a little bit with red or maroon on some parts like as the home accessories.

Shabby Chic Living Room Pastels Color

If you notice well, shabby chic is also all about the applications of floral patterns anywhere. It can be on the sofa and cushion covers and even there must also be the real flowers around.  When you are a man and it is okay for you, that’s great. This is how shabby chic interior should be. However, if you find it too much, replace those flowers with green planthouses. Despite this idea is more neutral, you can feel your living room more refreshing. Flowers in white can also be added for more beautiful look anyway.

Shabby Chic-Modern Combination
Although shabby chic ideas are so lovely, not all living rooms can just apply it well. when your living room is small and narrow enough, it is better to think twice. Shabby chic interior that is full of details can just make the atmosphere feel cramped and stuffy. The only solution for your small living room is by combining it with modern design. Therefore, the shabby chic ideas are limited only in some parts like the furniture and some accessories. Meanwhile, let some parts of your living room free and empty.

Of course, shabby chic is not only good to combine with the modern one. Try also other ideas like shabby chic and country or shabby chic and rustic combination. So, are you interested in applying shabby chic living room?

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