4 Exquisite Shabby Chic Inspired Small Patio Garden Ideas

Small Patio Garden Ideas

Shabby chic style can be pretty hard to pull off, especially if you want to apply it on small patio garden ideas. But fear not because you can find some inspirations to decorate your patio garden with shabby chic style.

Beautiful Garden with Statement Arch
If your garden doesn’t have plenty of space to showcase its beauty, you need to choose a very attractive focal point that can draw all the attention there. You can choose to put a beautiful statement arch as an entrance to your patio garden. With the right design, the arch can make your garden looks elegant and warm at the same time.

Small Shabby Patio Garden Ideas

You can let climbing plants crawl beautifully on the arch, adding more natural atmosphere to the patio. Growing some flowers there also can be a nice idea to put contrast and draw more attention to the arch.

Imperfect Is the New Perfect
Don’t be afraid to use repurposed, recycled or distressed old furniture. As a matter of fact, the imperfections brought by those furniture will be the charm of your small patio garden ideas. When it comes to shabby chic style, the more distressed the furniture, the better the design will be. But of course it is only the appearance that looks flawed. The furniture itself must still be functional.

Glorious Swing Sofa
Instead of putting an ordinary sofa in your small patio garden, you can save space by using outdoor swing sofa. With a swing sofa, you will have a place to play, a decoration of its own and certainly a place to relax. Make sure the size of the swing suits your patio. Furthermore, don’t forget to arrange the location since swing sofa will need extra space to sway to and fro. Since it is safe to say that the swing sofa will be one of the biggest elements in your patio, it is important to make sure that the style and color embodies the true form of shabby chic.

Enhance the Whimsical Aspect with Flowers
If you think your patio looks dull and boring, it is a sign that the area is lacking of colors. Instead of putting the ordinary indoor ornaments, it is best to use flowers to make the patio more vibrant. Flowers are fresh, beautiful and will make your garden looks more whimsical. With the power of flowers and the other shabby chic inspired small patio garden ideas, you will be the owner of the most attractive garden in the neighborhood.

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