4 Tips for a Better Kitchen Design

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Images of kitchen designs will help you a lot especially if you are in project of redesigning a kitchen. A kitchen should be the heart of the house or at least it provides the comfortable atmosphere even though you are not really putting the cooking activity at the first place. In order to create a comfortable yet beautiful kitchen, it needs consideration and careful planning.

In general speaking, a kitchen should be functional and stylish at the first place. You better read this article after all.

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Remove all wasted steps
Organizing the things in your kitchen will help you to use those things efficiently. Other than that, it will be easier if you sort the things in your kitchen by the frequent use. For example, the breakfast table should be the place for storing the bowls and breakfast foods. Plastics and the containers in the spot that easily seen in case you need to put the leftover in it. Plates such as flatware and dishware can be stored near the dishwasher in order to make your unloading job becomes more easily.

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Wide walkways
You can see so many things from images of kitchen designs for references. Since you probably will do many walking activities in the kitchen space, it is important to put the wide walkways on the design list. 36 inches is the minimum number the walkways size. Basically, you will need at least 50 inches for the configuration of two-cook style. The rule should be applied especially if you plan to have island as well.

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Consider the direct traffic
Kitchen covers all occupants’ need, include the children. It means that the kitchen should be children-friendly as well. Since there are many “forbidden things” on the countertops, you can keep the cooking area away from the traffic in order to avoid kids grab or touch any handles of whatever on the table. The refrigerator is also better accessible for all people in the house.

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Corner is not for appliances
Appliances need space to swing the door or the cover. It means that the corner of kitchen is not the right place for them. So, you better free the kitchen corner from any stuff especially from the appliances. Other than that, you should make sure that the doors of each appliance will not crash on each other when they should be opened at the same time. It can be seen on images of kitchen designs.

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