4 Ways on How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

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Do you want to change your bathroom cabinets? Prepare much money to buy the new one. What will you do if you have limited fund? You must be creative to find a creative way. One of ways is painting bathroom cabinets to look new. It is extremely changing the look of bathroom cabinets without buying the new cabinet. What are the ways on how to paint bathroom cabinets? Let’s talk about it.

1. Cleaning Bathroom Cabinet
The first way to do is cleaning your bathroom cabinet and masking. Clearing is a step to remove out all goods from cabinet and its shelves. Then, wipe it with cloth on the cabinet part. The wiping process is conducted to area of floor. After you have cleaned it, put small tape on the front door of your bathroom cabinet for every number and part to identify the right removable cabinet parts. Don’t press it strongly when you put mat while you are moving it to paint.

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2. Removing Bathroom Cabinet Parts
The next way on how to paint bathroom cabinets is removing bathroom cabinet parts. You may use reversible screwdriver or drill to release doors and hinges from cabinet. The front part of shelves is possibly difficult to remove depending on the model. You can choose to leave the set shelves part. Release pull hinge from cabinet and shelve door. You may consider changing all hard parts during a project of cabinet painting to give fresh look for your bathroom cabinet.

3. Sanding Bathroom Cabinet
What else do you do? Firstly, it is cleaning. Old bathroom cabinet may be so dirty because it stands for longer time. You should clean it carefully and cleanly to make it little new. Then, don’t forget to check cabinet basis, shelves, door, and the parts of bathroom cabinet. You can use putty knife to repair the damage of this cabinet. Finally, sand it. You can use soft sandpaper to do this action. It is helping to make paint blend well to the surface of bathroom cabinet.

4. Painting It
The last way on how to paint bathroom cabinets is painting it. You can paint front door and shelves with primary paint using sprayer, brush, and roller. Apply the paint to cabinet door. You may use latex paint with synthetic paint or sprayer. The latex paint requires a natural brush to paint it. A painting process can blend one to more colors depending on the intention of owners.

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