A Beautiful Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor for an Unique Look

Shabby Chic Furniture Bedroom Decor

Shabby chic bedroom decor is a creation of a strong vintage – look room. It creates a sweet and elegant bedroom situation. There are no more comfortable places except house. The bedroom looks so personal being an private area to express yourself freely. In addition to be a relaxing place, a bedroom design is appropriate for character and personality. Shabby chic is an interior design style with small floral motifs and dull colors. Those become a typical characteristic for this style.

The Choice of Shabby Chic Colors
If you plan to play colors on furniture items, you should let your bedroom walls coloring white only. You should prevent a wide variety of crowded colors and motifs fulfilling furniture items and walls. It is wise to select one of the colors only. Despite of white colors, there are some pastel and soft colors having variations to choose to be bedroom wall color. You can select the other soft colors such as dusty pink, beige, baby blue, and the other pastel colors. The pastel coloring wall and no motifs will look beautiful when it is combined with motif furniture items. It needs to remember to prevent the application of glossy elements such as silver, gold, dark finishing, and heavy engraving details.

Shabby Chic Bed Cover Bedroom Decor

The Choice of Furniture Items
To support a shabby chic look of your bedroom, use classical style furniture painted by solid colors. In addition to use solid colors, you can use clear gloss paint for your furniture showing natural wooden look. But, it needs to concern on a number of wooden furniture items. If you apply it much, it makes your bedroom look unattractive and plaid. The choice of color needs to have a harmonious view each other in order to give a beautiful impression in a room.

Painting furniture requires tricks to create a shabby chic bedroom decor. You are able to select bold and vibrant colors but it needs to prevent much impression. For pastel furniture items, prevent the use of three different colors because it makes your bedroom messy and uncomfortable. Choose one main color as a theme. Make a color division with the application of the other colors on the chosen furniture items.

The Choice of Bed Cover
A bedroom decor is the most determining element for shabby chic bedroom. The shabby chic bedroom with floral bed cover and pastel colors can be chosen. Those become an effective tactic and simple ways to create a shabby chic bedroom decor. Don’t forget to balance the use of colors and motifs to the other furniture items.

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