4 Ideas of Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas on A Budget

Apartment Bathroom Decor Ideas

Apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget can be a very fun thing to do. Do not let your mind think that you will only get a limited option to decorate your bathroom with low budget. By finishing read this article, we ensure you that a heavy flow of ideas will run on your mind.

1 . Maximize the space
When you only have not too big space of bathroom as well as not too much allowance for it, then you just need to go with what you already had. It is fine to have small bathroom as long as you can keep it comfortable. When you have the small bathroom, you need to work hard in maximizing the space so that your bathroom will not look to stuffy. For an option, you can go with white floor. White color will make your bathroom looks bigger. Since white reflects color well, it will give you bright bathroom, which is far from gloomy or suffocating feeling. You can also place towel hook there. It does not matter where. Towel hooks do not take large space.

Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas on A BudgetWhite Apartment Bathroom Ideas

2 . The touch of art for your bathroom
An artwork like painting indeed will make a bathroom more relaxing; at least the bathroom is not only a plain paint. However, original painting with artsy curves often cost high prices for the whole wall in a bathroom. When you really want to have it but do not have enough money, you can try to use pieces of abstract art instead. To take care of your entire wall, you can buy two same pieces of abstract art in the same pattern. When you hang it, make one facing down.

Abstract art for your bathroom decoration ideasAbstract art photo small Bathroom decor ideas

3 . Cabinet for your bathroom
If you want to have a look of costly acrylic cabinets, you do not need to spend many of your allowance. For other option of buying it, you can paint your current, or you can just buy a simple and affordable cabinet, with black high glossy paint.

Black paint bathroom vanities ideasBlack Painted bathroom cabinets

4 . Simple and affordable work to make your bathroom look elegant
Having an elegant bathroom is a dream of many people. If you want to have it but do not have enough money, here we suggest you to try the following tips. You can paint your bathroom wall, trim as well as ceiling with the same color. Add contemporary sconces and placed a curved vanity completed with marble top there. It will be a perfect apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget.

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