Clever Ways to Create Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

Cheap Lattice Patio Cover Ideas

You can create your own cheap patio cover ideas that not only save your cost but also show your high skills in DIY and personal taste.

Stylish cheap patio cover ideas
Here are several ideas of patio cover that you can choose.

Cheap Patio Cover Ideas Grommets Curtains with Pulley System

  • String along. If you are looking for inexpensive retractable patio cover, you can choose this ways. By threading the wire through the grommets curtains rigged up with pulley system you can get same effect such as the expensive one.
  • Floating screens. Using thin bamboo panels that appear floated into midair this screens pass the sunlight through the seating area under the screens. The black painted frame strikes the contrast look with the other nature elements.
  • Basket case. This is unique cover patio with wood veneer that woven together and create basket shape to make as canopy to protect the outdoor dining area in patio.
  • Lattice patio cover. You can add lattice patio cover into your pergola.
  • Ceiling style. This is ordinary and simple style idea, but is worthy and valuable as investment as you can choose the vinyl material.

Choose patio cover material
Patio is located in outdoor. Therefore you need to choose material that will withstand with the nature elements. You also need to ensure the material is lightweight so you will comfort under it. In addition, some patio cover material also has different optical effects to home. Here are some considerations that you need to think before choose patio cover.

  • Wood: the best thing about wood is the nature beauty. It is timeless and available in sizes, colors, and textures. This is great material for style your home. The weakness from wood is the price that depends to the gregarious look. Wood also needs regular sanding and repainting.
  • Vinyl: the strength of vinyl is the less maintenance. High quality vinyl can goes for years rather than wood from crack or peeled. The weakness is the appearance. Vinyl do not have appearance as attractive as wood done. Vinyl also can fade and some owner says that it make the vinyl look inexpensive.
  • Aluminum: the strength from aluminum is it has high durability, minimal maintenance and also cheap. The material also passes the strong but lightweight qualification. The weakness is the heat retention. The metal is good conductor of heat and this can make you feel uncomfortable under it.

From the material above, you can find the best material that you can fit with the budget. You can find the cheap patio cover ideas that come from ranges of material.

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