Considering Bathroom Designs for seniors

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Making bathroom designs for seniors need to consider several things, especially security. The bathroom is an essential requirement in the house. At the age of twilight, the ability of the human senses decreases. This makes accidents often occur in the elderly when in the bathroom, whereas the elderly needs in the bathroom is increasing. For that, need to be designed bathrooms ‘friendly’ to the elderly. In addition to safe use, the elderly can be independent in the bathroom, without the help of others.

Location and Design Bathroom
The bathroom should be positioned near or even blend with the bedroom and living room. The reason is most of the time the elderly spent in both spaces. This will certainly make it easier for the elderly to access the bathroom without the hassle of trying. The bathroom should be designed or not too narrow, making it easier for elderly mobility in the bathroom.

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1. Water System
For the elderly, should bath using shower or shower rather than bathtub. Use an automatic water system such as a hose or shower, either to cleanse yourself after a bowel or shower. Thus, the elderly need not bother to lift the scoop, which can result in dislocated muscle. In addition, generally by using a shower, the elderly also does not need to move much in the bathroom, thus reducing the risk of slipping.

2. Lighting System
Usually the elderly is more easily sultry. So, you should choose lighting or low wattage lights, so that heat radiation can be minimized. In addition, utilizing sunlight as natural lighting during the day can also help. In addition to the warmer rays (not heat), the resulting nuances are also more fun.

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Prioritize choosing furniture that is not slippery. Cleaning bathroom furniture on a regular basis can also prevent the appearance of mold that can make the surface of the furniture becomes slippery. Bath mats should also be considered. If necessary, add a carpet or matt as the floor of the bathroom floor so as not to slippery. The use of rubber that can absorb water can also be used as an alternative to the base of the bathroom. In addition to pedestal, other important furniture that must be in the elderly bathroom is handles or handrails. Place the iron handle around the toilet, shower area, and bathroom door. The handle will make it easier for the elderly to stand up and walk. Instead, use the toilet seat in bathroom designs for seniors, because it will facilitate the elderly to stand after defecation.

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