How to Create Small Backyard Patio Ideas with Shabby Chic Style

Cozy Backyard Patio Shabby Chic Style

Are you looking for small backyard patio ideas with shabby chic style? You have come to the right place. Check out these ideas and turn your small patio into a warm and heavenly place.

Take Advantage of Old Furniture
When it comes to shabby chic, distress furniture is just precious as gold. So, if you own coffee tables or old sofa with out of date design and chapped paints, don’t send throw them away. With a simple polishing, you can reuse them in your shabby chic patio. Your option is not only limited to chair or table, though. If you have unused sink, window frame and even flower pot, with some creativity you can repurpose them and use them as extra decorations.

Small Backyard Patio Shabby Chic Style

Floral Pattern Is Always a Good Idea
Floral pattern is the heart of shabby chic. So, we definitely need to use it in our small backyard patio ideas. You can apply this pattern in the sofa, table sheet and also throw pillows. You can even draw the pattern on the furniture to make the distressed furniture looks more beautiful. It is best to stick with smaller pattern to avoid clash with the other elements and colors in the area.

Use Metal Pail Instead of Vases
You cannot decorate a backyard patio with shabby chic style without adding some flowers. Flower is very important element in shabby chic style and this is why floral pattern matches well with this style. If you are decorating a bedroom or living room, floral pattern might be enough. But since you want to incorporate the style in the outdoor area, natural elements, in this case real flowers, are important.

To focus the attention in the patio, it is best to put the flowers in pretty vases. But if you want to add more unique aspects to the whole decoration, then you should use metal pail for the flowers instead of vases. Metal pail will create contrast on textures that will make the area livelier.

Be Careful with the Colors
Color is always a crucial part of small backyard patio ideas with shabby chic style. However, you have to be careful with the choice of colors. Shabby chic is always about pastel color so make sure you stick with that. It is completely okay if you want to apply something more vibrant. However, it is best to use them as accents, for example on the floral pattern, instead of the main color palettes.

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