The Most Creative and Cool Couches

Songololo Couches interior decorating picture

Cool couches are the most important things to make your living room looks elegant and unique. At this post you will find a couple of creative and cool couches that will become your inspiration to décor your home.

Coffin couches
Coffin couch is one of the pieces of furniture which are worth $4,500 each. This furniture is designed by using 18 gauge steel coffins which have been recycled. Meanwhile, the raw material was collected from local funeral homes based in Southern California. Because of the idea of recycling sound very interesting and exciting; these coffins are sold to public against the health and safety law which does not let funeral homes in order to resell used coffins. These types of couches cannot be used for burial purpose.

Coffin Couch Cool Couches ideas Cool Couches Coffin Couch ideas

The yoga couch
This is one of the cool couches which derived from the word Sila which means to sit cross-legged. This couch is designed to deliver the tranquility of meditation into a modern and dynamic environment. Sila was design by Eridani Saleh with the idea to create a piece of furniture which is dramatic and grand that represents the solidity of traditional construction.

Sila The Yoga Couches

The Songololo Couch
The Songololo couch is created by Haldane Martin who is a South African furniture design company which is based in Cape Town. The furniture which has been offered by this company pays close attention the sustainability of the furniture by using green materials.
Creative and Cool Songololo Couch picture The Songololo couch designThe Songololo couch is created by Haldane Martin

The Pixel Couch
The fabric for the Pixel couch has been designed by Danish manufacturer named Kvadrat which is based off of a concept from Christian Zuzunaga who is the Royal College of Art graduate. This is one of the contemporary and cool couches which are sure to grab the attention for everyone by virtue of the wide spectrum of colors of the couch.

Creative and Cool Pixel Couches picture Rainbow Pixel Couch Design

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