How to Draw the Long Narrow Bathroom Layout

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Long Narrow Bathroom Layout – Drawing the layout is very important before building or renovating your home living. It is even each room must be planned at first to make sure that the result will be really good and comfortable. There are indeed some problems that may be faced for this matter. It is about the condition of the space for bathroom itself in which not all of them are possible for cozy and healthy bathroom. One of the conditions that are probably experienced is when the bathroom is long but narrow. Meanwhile, the furniture, stuff, and other items that are placed are probably numerous. So, what should we do here are some considerations to make the layout of bathroom which is long but narrow.

Small and Simple Furniture
You must focus on the worse characteristic of the bathroom at first before talking about the better one. Yes, your bathroom is narrow. It means that too much big furniture will not be recommended. Despite making the room more stuffy and uncomfortable, such furniture also lessen the aesthetic side. Based on that fact, make sure that the vanities, cabinet, shower stall, bathtub, and other things that will be taken place must be small enough. Well, it is not always small actually depending on the size of the bathroom itself. It is so important to still remain the space so that the bathroom will still be healthy.

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Windows and Ventilation
Since the bathroom is narrow, it means you have to make sure that the air and sunshine can be circulated well. One of them is by installing windows and ventilation on the proper place. Indeed, bathroom itself is very private so that all your activities inside must not be seen from the outside. Another idea is that placing the windows on the area that face your own yard. The most important thing for this point is to let the sunshine to enter so that you don’t need to turn on the light every time.

The Placement of Furniture
Here we go to the placement of all items. If the lack of this bathroom is narrow, the benefit is that it is long enough. The simpler idea is that your furniture is placed in a row so that there is still a long space that forms the road. You can also put the bathtub on the corner where there are the windows so that you can do bathing while seeing the landscape outside. The corner can also be used to place another big item like shower stall in the long narrow bathroom layout.

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