Four Amazing Garden Decking Ideas with Shabby Chic Style

Whitewashed Deck and Wall Shabby Chic

If you want to decorate your garden with something unique, rustic and eye-catching, shabby chic can be a great idea. Check out our shabby chic garden decking ideas photo below to give you some inspiration.

Whitewashed Deck and Wall
Match the color of the wall and the floor to create harmony. White is always the best choice for shabby chic style because it is warm and it will easily blend with the outdoor surrounding. Don’t forget to let the paint looks naturally weathered since that is where the beauty of this style lies. Don’t be afraid to dominate your garden decking with whitewashed paint. With the right decorations around it, your patio will not look unkempt.

Shabby Chic Garden IdeasGarden decking ideas photo

Trellis with Vine Plants
You will need something that looks natural, something that can elevate the outdoorsy feeling of your patio. Some trellis and beautiful vine plants can be the solution. Trellis might look just like a simple outdoor ornament.

But when it is combined with unique vine plants like Ivy or Clematis, the trellis can give some kind of privacy to your garden. You also can use Bougainville or Honeysuckle if you prefer something with more vibrant colors. Take a look at this garden decking ideas photo to get some insight on decorating garden with trellis and vine plants.

Outdoor Privacy Screen with Trellises and Vine PlantsTrellis Vine Plants with Patio Furniture

Vintage Awnings
Shabby chic is not only about going the vintage route, but it also has to look chic, pretty and attractive. You can achieve all of them in the same time by adding some beautiful awnings on your patio. Due to its position, awning can capture attention with just one glance. Therefore, be careful when you choose the design of the awning.

If you want something bold, you can use the signature pattern of shabby chic, say, floral pattern. But if you want something simple that goes well with the surrounding, white awning will do. Besides as decoration, awning also will provide shade to your garden. So, it is perfect for those who love spending their spare time chilling in their garden.

Shabby chic Vintage awnings

Add Greeneries with Container Garden
If you think the maintenance for climbing plants is too demanding, you don’t have to worry. There are still plenty of ways to make your garden looks lush and green. One of them is by adding some container gardens. The best thing about container garden is it is neat and you can easily adjust the size according the size of your garden. You can check garden decking ideas photo to help you design the area better.

Garden decking furniture ideas Shabby Chic Farmhouse Decorating Greeneries with container gardenShabby Chic Garden Deck Contemporary StyleShabby Chic Greeneries with container garden

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