Four Concrete Patio Ideas for Small Backyards with Shabby Chic Touch

Concrete patio floor ideas for small backyards

Concrete is not the most ideal choice when it comes to shabby chic inspired patio. But if you don’t have any other choice or you simply want to challenge yourself, there are actually plenty of ways to decorate around a concrete patio. Here are some concrete patio ideas for small backyards to inspire you.

Stamped Concrete

If you don’t like the appearance of concrete and you think it gets in the way of your shabby chic design, you can simply stamp it. Stamped concrete can be textured to resemble the appearance of various materials from brick, stone to wood. To make your patio looks warmer and more suitable for shabby chic design, you can stamp the concrete to resemble wooden flooring.

Concrete patio ideas for small backyards

Use Rug

Rug is a great addition for concrete patio ideas for small backyards. Not only it will shift the attention away from the concrete, rug also will make your backyard patio feels more intimate and homey. The rug doesn’t have to cover the whole area. A small rug with distinctive pattern on the middle of the patio will definitely do.

Cover with Furniture

Actually, you don’t really have to worry about the concrete floor because it is not going to be the main attention of the room, especially with the furniture around it. If the flooring doesn’t fit shabby chic style, then you simply need to fill the area with furniture and ornaments that do.

Take the attention away from the floor by adding some distressed furniture as well as some beautiful floral patterns on the table cover and throw pillows. Don’t forget to elevate the natural vibe of the backyard patio by incorporating some plants and flowers. Whether it is climbing plants or some types of living fence, natural atmosphere is always perfect for a vintage style patio.

Embrace the Concrete

Many people don’t really like concrete floor simply because it looks unnatural, distant and cold. This is also the reason why concrete is rarely used in shabby chic design. But the truth is, concrete can be a great element of your shabby chic patio if you know how to work around it.

Focus on the character of your concrete and find a way to complement it. In the same time, stay true with the element of shabby chic style so that the design of your patio will be just like what you want. So, simply embrace the concrete and don’t forget that you can always find some concrete patio ideas for small backyards to help you.

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