French Shabby Chic Furniture : Changing Your Residence to Be Sweet, Classical, and Feminine

French Shabby Chic Furniture ideas

Shabby chic is inspired by vintage style reflecting old style. Shabby chic design refers to traditional furniture, antique, dull but it looks beautiful. From the furniture side, shabby chic furniture displays old age and look so that it gives an antique impression with classical motifs and pastel colors. French shabby chic furniture becomes a type of furniture items that can be applied for decorating shabby chic interior design.

Cloth Material of French Shabby Chic Furniture
In addition to present an old and antique impression, French shabby chic style usually uses many main materials for its furniture especially main materials such as cotton and linen. Those are displayed on the sofa, curtains, bed cover, upholstery chairs, and many more. The cotton and linen become the classical materials used before modernization era. A dominant element of shabby chic design is floral motif cloth. The influence of this style comes from UK where many people use floral motif cloth.

French Shabby Chic Furniture Looks So French

French Shabby Chic Furniture Looks So French
French shabby chic furniture is inspired by French farmer houses. This style uses bricks to be a main feature of its interior. The ornaments used in shabby chic design is handmade applied on curtains, motif sofas, and table. The use of bright and colorful colors are accentuated such as orange, yellow, bright green, and red. It looks so unique and typical for being a French shabby chic design to implement in your house.

Wallpaper borders can be applied on the center border or edge of the wall. Handmade furniture items are made of wood with layered cloth, engraving, and handmade paintings to be a main accesory type in this shabby chic design. French shabby chic design can be adapted to be French boudoir style. Dressing room style can be implemented to girl bedrooms with color pallets dominated by pink color.

Soft Furnishing and Pastel Coloring of French Shabby Chic Furniture
Shabby chic uses furniture and soft furnishing look so old and dull. The furniture is usually made of rattan, iron, and old wood painted by natural brown paint for rough finishing to give a vintage look. The furniture items can be camouflaged by sanding it so that it appears an old and dull impression. Meanwhile, pastel coloring is usually applied for this shabby chic furniture design. You may take white, green, blue, pink, and the other soft colors being a main feature of shabby chic design. Prevent bright colors for French shabby chic furniture in order to not leave its philosophy.

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