Interior Design of Bedroom in Art Deco Style

interior design of bedroom

Interior design of bedroom in Art Deco style might be an interesting idea to apply and create new nicer atmosphere in your personal room. Art Deco design came from Paris and grew out since early 20th century. Between World War I and II period, it spread to the Americas and Europe. It became a popular design for interior until 1945. Geometric design shapes look clear on the overstated patterns and materials, Hollywood opulent interiors and luxurious furnishings.

Shape and Shine
To design a bedroom in Art Deco style, consider palettes and planes. Use geometric figures and angles for the decoration, airplanes, cruise ships sculptures, stylized pictures, skyscrapers, cars, sunrises, sunset, exotic flowers, etc. Mix kinds of matching things such as mirror tiles, glass, chrome, black onyx, glossy lacquer, granite, satins, velvets, silks, gilt pyramids, etc. To get inspirations of interior design of bedroom in Art Deco style, you can see it in London’s Savoy Hotel and Miami’s South Beach Art Deco District. Apply some black satin sheets, faux fur comforter and Le Jazz Moderne inside your bedroom.

How to Add Art Deco Style

Garbo’s Bedroom Look
Bring the Hollywood glamor into your bedroom by applying a mirrored vanity. The mirror should be over the entire table, the legs and the padded bench. You can choose vanity decorated with mirror tiles and ivory, crystal clear acrylic, or chrome and glass. Lucite is also applicable, since it was developed in 1930s for nightstands, vanities, chairs and benches at the end of the bed. The Art Deco interior design of bedroom also commonly provides silky and shiny fabrics in powder blues, blush pinks, whisper grays and creams. It was also supported by bright accents in lampshades, chair cushions, and decorative pillows with gemstones like emerald, sapphire, amethyst, lapis, canary and peacock. Besides, the imaginations could also be animal motifs or other images about African safaris.

Luxury Touch
Bring the luxury look inside the bedroom by applying tufted headboard in leather or velvet. Add a crystal chandelier to get more modern look instead of the classic pendants or crystal balls. Have a carpet in Art Deco design too. In 20s to 40s, the designs were made in floral patterns, figurative angular and colorful line blocks, and abstract patterns. The rugs got influence from Cubism of Picasso, the Abstraction of Kandinsky, and the Expressionism and Surrealism of Klee. Have all of the elements to apply so you can create the Art Deco interior design of bedroom.

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