Italian Marble Bathroom Designs: Brings the Elegance into Your Room

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Many people know that Italy is one of the world leaders in designs and styles. The Italian marble also deserves to get this reputation. It has been well known for generations that Italian marble if one of the best marble products that you can easily find to decorate your bathroom.

The Use of Italian Marbles for Centuries
Italian marble has been used to decorate various buildings and rooms for centuries. The use of Italian marble was initially applied by Michelangelo in creating his sculptures in the 16th century. It is clear that Italian marble has a long history of use. In the 21st century, Italian marble is often used as the flooring and wall cladding base by many architects and interior designers. Therefore, it is not surprising that even now, Italian marble bathroom designs are still popular among modern people.

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There are some reasons why people prefer to use Italian marble rather than any other elements. One of them is because of its easy-to-work-with characteristic. The stone is softer and can be tumbled or miles for multiple purposes. However, along with its advantages, Italian marble also come with a disadvantage. Since it is a soft stone, it also has a very absorbent characteristic, meaning that the stain will stay longer on your marble floors and walls. To solve this problem, some people use a porcelain tile to complement their marble items. Because marble is very easy to react to any acidic materials, Italian marble bathroom designs are not considered as the best choice to be applied in your children’s bathroom.

How to install Italian Marble
Installing Italian marble tiles seem easy, but it will be a demanding task when the pattern you want to make and the size of the tiles do not match the floor or wall sizes. Here are some tips that you can apply in installing the Italian marble tiles.

1. Before start placing the tiles, you can put the tile backer board by firstly measuring the areas which will be tiled.
2. Start arranging the tiles as you wish and see how they will look. You can also measure their size in accordance to the layout. This should be done on the flat surface.
3. Cut the mats so that it can fit the area where you will put the tiles. After that, fill in the mats with tiles. If the meat does not fit the space, it means that you will have to cut the tiles at both ends if you wish to have a symmetrical end row. In order to make the cut less noticeable, you can only cut the tile’s bottom row.
4. If you want to install the tiles vertically, you should employ a starter board with screws to make sure that the tiles you are arranging to go up straight. Both the board and the screws can be directly removed after the installations are done well.

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