What should you do to Your L-Shape Kitchen?

l shape kitchen design

Many people have l shape kitchen design. Do you also have it at your house? If you have it and you want to renovate it, you can read these few tips. Obviously, there are many kitchen layouts, but l shaped kitchen is truly one of a kind. There are many things that you can do to boost the functionality and modernity of your l shape kitchen design. This l shape design enables you to have more space. In other words, you will have more rooms to move around. You can consider these few things to keep the flexibility of your l shape kitchen.

The L Shape Designs
Basically, l shape design is meant to face the open space. Usually, homeowners like to put a table or kitchen island in the middle of the room. Another brilliant idea to incorporate this l shape design is by installing pocket door. By doing so, you can have open plan kitchen. Patio door will be great if you want to link your l shape kitchen with your backyard. This way, your kitchen gets more lights and air.

l shaped kitchen island

Apparently, there are few kinds of l shape kitchen design. The first design is called the double l shape. The double l shape goes to the layout of the kitchen as well as the Kitchen Island. In this case, if your l shape kitchen is large, you can put l shape kitchen Island in the middle of it.
Another design is known as broken l shape. For this design, you must maximize the height of your kitchen cabinets. Perhaps, you should also prepare wall cabinets which are equipped with counter space. The counter space should be free from clutters; perhaps it is better for you to keep some of the clutters in the storage. Just remember, for the storage, you can make use of the kitchen island. The l shape Peninsula should also have extra cabinets. It is usually a place to put your laptop or a place to finish your paperwork.

The Basic Functionality of L Shape
For this type of kitchen layout, you are required to give enough space for the counter and storage. You should provide effective layouts like kitchen triangles. As mentioned earlier, this shape is an open space kitchen, so it is better if you think of your privacy. Try to separate your kitchen area with other area in your house. Generally, you must push the boundaries to get the best l shape kitchen design that matches your style and taste.

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