How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Simple These Tricks

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

How to make a small bathroom look bigger is actually method that people want to know as they dream to have a spacious bathroom with tub, shower, sinks, and soda to recline for a while before taking a bath. However, sometimes the fact tells the different since people might get small bathroom. Whatever the condition of the bathroom is, there is a chance to make it look more spacious. There are number of strategies that will help you to get bigger look of a little bathroom. If you want to make your bathroom appear bigger, let’s check these smart visual tricks.

Go with white colour
Use white as dominant colour in the bathroom is the simplest way to make the room look bigger. You might use white colour for the wall, tile, vanity, or other decorations. White which is considered as natural colour reflects the light effectively than absorbs it so it makes any space appear bigger White colour work best in bathroom since it is already has many white items such as toilet sink, vanity, and so on. Giving additional white surface will exude seamless look which gives bigger effect. Using too many white colour does not mean that it will look monotonous. All you have to do is combining it with more various textural elements such as wood or metal fixtures so it will make the overall look of bathroom richer.

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Combine with similar hues
Another trick on how to make a small bathroom look bigger is by using white’s similar hues if you do not want to get a whole white bathroom. Similar hues which are also renowned as tone-on-tone palette serve to be great option for you. For instance, you can choose beige, soft gray, cream, ivory and other neutral palettes to be applied in the bathroom. If you already use white tile for flooring, then you can go with ivory or cream colour to paint the wall. Combining palettes with almost similar look can offer serene and fresh look in any space.

The power of floating vanity
Bathroom with limited space can be a little bit difficult to have a balance parts for storage and relaxation. If you do not want to use too many space for placing furniture, a floating vanity can be one of great example to select. A floating vanity not only serves as functional washing place but the space beneath it can be so to store the bath products. If you do not use that space as storage, this will gives more spacious feel to the bathroom. Having a little bit space for feet is great way on how to make a small bathroom look bigger.

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