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When it comes for you to set up your office lighting fixtures, you have to focus on the huge purchase stuffs such as filling system, chair and the desk. You have to keep in mind that poor lighting will cause headaches and eyestrain. So you have to consider the high percentage of time that you spend toiling. You have to create a setting with optimal office lighting fixtures.

General strategy for office lighting fixtures
The first important thing when it comes to office lighting fixtures is all about layering. When you usually do a couple of activities in your work spaces such as filing, reading, working at your computer, holding meetings and talking on the phone, you have to consider that all of these tasks cannot be done by one light source alone. You have to start by illuminating your office by using soothing warm and ambient light.

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It is the perfect place to put your ambient lights on a dimmer switch. So you can adjust the levels of the light which depends on time of day and kinds of work that you are doing. This central source can be supplemented by using task lamps on the desk and other important spots.

Important placement for office lighting fixtures
You have to place your office lighting fixtures properly because it will avoid the shadows and glare. For example, if you place an overhead spotlight which is situated behind you, it will result in glare on the screen of your computer. In order to prevent shadows which are created by task lamps, you have to place the light on the side opposite from the hand that you usually use to write. Your hand and arm are going to cast shadows if the light is on the same side. This will help you work on your office desk.

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