How to Replace Ceiling Fan Globe

Bedroom with Ceiling Fan decoration ideas

At this post you will find a couple of steps on how to replace ceiling fan globe. But first of all, you have to know the meaning of globe itself. Globe is appearance not functional pieces so the biggest value of this globe is on aesthetics. Without ceiling fan globe, your room will look half finished. In terms of real estate, ceiling fan globe is the unprofessional and tacky way if you want to show your property. Luckily, you can decide the proper size of light fixture for a replacement ceiling fan globe by using a tape measure and a couple of cool steps.

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Ceiling Fan Globe interior decoration ideas

Step 1
First of all, you have to put a step stool below the ceiling fan directly. And then you have to extend the legs in order to make sure that the legs are stable and solid.

Step 2
In this step, you have to mount the step stool until you are very close to see and handle the globe that you want to be measured. You have to consider that you do not have to reach far above your shoulder height for a couple of overhead measurement.

Step 3
For the last step, you have to measure the fixture of the size of the cup for the ceiling fan globe by using a tape measure. You have to start at the center diameter of the cup and you can start measure from the outside edge to the outside edge. It is going to be the diameter of the globe which has been replaced.

You have to keep in mind that globe is held by four or five holding screws. When you find that the globe is not in the place, you have to purchase replacement screws when you purchase your replacement globe.

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