Shabby Chic Bathroom Accessories : Decorating Your Bathroom in a Unique Way

White Pink Shabby Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Using traditional furniture with shabby chic design is able to present an interesting shape though it looks antique and unique. This is being a shabby chic design and style. Shabby chic bathroom design makes your bathroom look so classical and unique with shabby chic bathroom accessories. For creating this bathroom design, you can combine classical style and eclectic elements with wooden nuance and metal accesories to beautify your bathroom.

White and Pink Bathroom Accessories
Shabby chic for bathroom is usually combined by color combination and classical accesories with modern furniture. White and pink accesories can be a good choice for your shabby chic bathroom. Using a combination of white and pink colors makes this design look so romantic like a bridal room fulfilled by roses. Pink satin with floral motif towel adding pastel color making your bathroom look neutral and feminine. The right accesories are wooden mirror and chairs to fulfill the beautiful scheme. The design will be appropriate for young girls or married women.

Pink and White Bathroom Accessories Ideas 2019

Pink Bathroom Accessories Ideas 2019

Shabby Chic Towel Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Fresh White Bathroom Accesories
The next shabby chic bathroom accessories are fresh white one. The wall with paving block design gives a great gradation of main color. Classical accesories for bathroom can be put such as table, mirror, and bowl shining you. It needs to give twist elements looking modern on wooden elements to be a towel handle. The bright white makes your bathroom look spacious and wider. Moreover, you hang on frameless mirror able to reflect light nicer.

White Accessories Shabby chic bathroom ideas

shabby chic bathroom small bathroom ideas

shabby bathroom Accesories

Cream Vintage Accesories
Cream vintage wall for shabby chic design looks so amazing. You can make it with the design and accesories of wooden board, wooden mirror, and washbasin making the look of bathroom look so classical and vintage. The combination of shining chrome colors on water heater present modern elements being a focal point of this bathroom. This looks so typical and different to see in this bathroom.

cream shabby chic bathroom ideas

mirror shabby chic bathroom ideas

accessories shabby chic bathroom ideas

Vintage Touch Accessories
The last way to make shabby chic bathroom accesories is giving vintage touch accesories. The vintage style is loved by most of the people. By giving a vintage touch but it stay high end, it makes your bathroom look interesting. The accesories used are flower vase, chandelier, coloured basin, and also shabby chic wall decor supporting a shabby chic bathroom. It accentuates a vintage and classical look for your home bathroom. Try to consider applying one of those shabby chic bathroom accessories to make your awesome bathroom interior design.

White Shabby chic bathroom ideas

bathroom shabby chic pink ideas


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