Shabby Chic Decor Ideas

Shabby Dining room Decor Ideas

If you are bored with a modern style home decor, then try to bring the beauty of aging objects into your room. The following shabby chic decor ideas will certainly transform your house into a beautiful vintage home.

Shabby Chic Style
What is shabby chic style, actually? Shabby chic is a term that refers to a decorating style which utilizes the aged furnitures and objects in order to create a shabby/vintage look into the decorated room. Interior decorators believe that shabby chic style brings a perfect balance between the modesty and luxury.

Kitchen Shabby Chic Style Decor Ideas

The Colors
If you want to bring a shabby look to your room, you have to firstly consider the right color of the walls and the furnitures. In order to enhance the shabby atmosphere, you are suggested to choose some pastel colors, like white, mint, soft or dusty pink, creams, and soft blue. To avoid the “pale” and “boring’ look of your room, you can place small furnitures or accessories painted in bold colors (e.g.: pink, red, turquoise, yellow) in the room.

The Elements
There are some elements that you can use to highlight the shabby taste in your room.

  1. Whitewash
    Instead of placing perfectly polished objects or furnitures, it will be better if you use the chipped, layered and whitewash painted objects. The texture effect which is created from these painting techniques will enhance the sign of age and loved objects or furnitures.
  2. Lace
    Lace is definitely one of the must-included classic element in the shabby chic decor ideas, since it gives a very strong dainty vintage impression. You can add laces to your table runners, curtains, and bedsheet.
  3. Metal
    Aluminum and tin are the other classic elements that work best in a vintage environment. The shabby chic style will be even stronger if the metal objects you use have some signs of wear and tear. The sign of used and aged metal objects will strengthen the charm of old country style.

The Patterns
The most popular pattern that is often used to bring a vintage breeze into the room is floral patterns. This kind of pattern will give the touch of classic English cottage. The patterns that are often used are rose blossoms and peonies.

Not only floral patterns, but paisley and stripe patterns can also be used to enhance the feel of shabby chic house. It is believed that simple stripe patterns can give a taller ceiling and bigger room effects to your room. You can use light and neutral colors to create a stripe pattern that will perfectly complement the shabby chic look of your room.

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