Shabby And Chic Dressing Table Ideas

Multifunction Shabby Chic dressing table

Not only as complementary furniture to do your makeup, dressing table can also be a decorative furniture for a room, especially bedroom. One of the most preferred one is shabby chic dressing table. Here are several ideas of it.

Minimalist Shabby Chic
In order to get minimalist shabby and chic dressing table, you can have one table, one chair, and one mirror in small to medium size. Have them all in white color and sharp shapes. This kind of chic shabby dressing table is suitable if your bedroom does not have enough spaces. It is also suitable if you do not have a lot of makeup collections.

shabby chic makeup vanity table Minimalist styleMinimalist shabby chic dressing tableshabby chic dressing table Minimalist style

Multifunction Shabby Chic
If you need a big dressing table to place your makeup collections but your bedroom makes it pretty impossible to have a big one, then multifunction dressing table is a great solution for you. Multifunction chic shabby dressing table is usually completed with many drawers, racks, and storages. In fact, there is also this kind of table which it is available to be used to write.

Because multifunction dressing table has a lot of storages, you can also save other stuff besides your makeup collection. Such as your bag or shoes collections. Even though it has many storages, multifunction dressing table still has aesthetic value.

Shabby Chic style Multifunction dressing tableMultifunction Shabby Chic Bedroom vanity table ideas

Traditional Shabby Chic
Traditional chic shabby dressing table is known by its design which shows classic lines and complex details. If you want to get this kind of dressing table, choose the one with several cravings and soft edges. The cravings will instantly bring traditional look. For the shabby chic style, choose the wooden one. But make sure this traditional shabby chic dressing table is suitable with style of your bedroom.

French style Traditional Shabby Chic dressing tableTraditional Shabby Chic dressing table

Elegant Shabby Chic
Do you want to make your chic shabby dressing table looks elegant? Then you are able to add installed lamps. Place them in the sides of your dressing table. Choose a few of small installed lamps to bring fancy and elegant touch. Moreover, the installed lamps can be the source of lights that is able to maximize your make up session.

Shabby chic style is able to be combined with other styles, and those are the examples. You can also combine it with any other styles. But make sure the combination does not make a bad contrast. You also need to consider the area where you place your dressing table.

Elegant Shabby chic dressing table ideasLuxury Shabby Chic vanity dressing tableShabby chic dressing table with lamp

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