Shabby Chic Furniture Cheap

Shabby Chic Wall Shelf Furniture Ideas

Do you love the shabby chic look and want to bring the look into your living room? If you love this beautiful dreamy style, you are so lucky, because you do not need to spend a lot of money to create this look. Here are some examples of shabby chic furniture cheap that you can use to enhance the charm of vintage home decor.

vases Made of Trophies
Creativity is the key if you want to create a shabby chic look without spending too much money. By utilizing old items, you can create new objects that will emphasize the vintage look in your room. One of the examples is the DIY bases which are made of old trophies. You can paint the trophies, or cover them with classic ornamented papers. Then, put some flowers into the trophy-vase and place it on your side table.

DIY Shabby Chic Furniture Vases Made of TrophiesShabby Chic Vases Made of Trophies

Barn Wood Rack and Shelf
You need some space to put your handbag, watch, or other small objects and accessories? You can use a barn wood rack to solve this problem as well as to add a shabby style into your room. It will be very nice to have a DIY rack and shelf to hand your handbags or coats. Besides, by making it yourself, you do not have to spend more money to purchase the new and perfectly polished rack.

DIY Rack and Shelf Shabby Chic Style

Creative Candle Holder
You do not have to buy an expensive candle holder from an antique store. Instead, you are suggested to make it yourself to create a unique shabby holder that cannot be found in any antique stores! For example, you can use your old silver ladle as a candle holder by bending it and sticking its handle onto a painted old cutting board. Place the cutting board horizontally against the wall, and the ladle-candle holder is ready to be used.

Creative Candle Holder Old Silver Ladle IdeasDIY Shabby Chic Candle Holder Ideas

Repainted dining chairs and side tables
Your ordinary dining chairs and side tables can also be used to decorate your vintage room. What you have to do is just adding your creativity to transform those furnitures into something more stylish. For example, you can paint the wood or iron dining chairs with different pastel colors, or you can put a unique ornament onto your side table by placing a lace onto its surface before spraying it with silver paint.

Colorful Painted Pastel Dining Chairs IdeasPainted Shabby Chic Dining Chairs and Side Tables Ideas

Creative bedsides
This is an excellent example of a shabby chic furniture cheap that you can apply at home. Instead of buying a new side table to be placed next to your bed, you can just use your old suitcases, pile them up and arrange them to create a unique side table that you cannot find in any furniture stores. If you do not have enough suitcases, you can buy the second hand one which is sold in a less expensive price.

Creative Bedsides Ideas with Old SuitcasesShabby Chic Furniture Cheap with Old Suitcases Bedsides

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