Shabby Chic Patio Interior Design

Shabby Chic Style Patio Design Ideas

Are you a lover of feminine style? Then shabby chic style is really suitable for you. Shabby chic style can also be applied in patio. If you are looking for inspirations, here are some ideas of shabby chic interior design for your patio.

Sweet and Feminine
Shabby chic style has a strong feminine touch from pastel colors. So that you are able to mix pastel colors such as baby pink, light mint green, and other soft colors for your patio interior design. For example, you can have sofa or lazy chairs in light mint green, and combine it with cushions with several pastel colors. This is the simplest way to bring sweet and feminine shabby chic look to your patio.

Besides sweet and feminine, shabby chic is also related to anything comfortable. That is why you need to put sofa pillows or even throw blanket for the sofa in your patio. This interior design will also give you a space to enjoy family time in your patio. You can even add a rocking chair! In order to make the shabby chic style even stronger, add white curtain around your sofa.

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Rustic Furniture
Other elements you need to get shabby chic look is rustic furniture. You can add old fashioned sofa frame, or use second hand wooden boxes as additional chairs in your patio. Look for rustic furniture in flea market near the area you live. Those rustic furniture will make your shabby chic patio looks eccentric and unique.

Floral Pattern
One of patterns which is mostly used in shabby chic style is floral pattern. This is what makes shabby chic style looks girly and feminine. You are able to apply this floral pattern in cushions, sofa pillows, sofa cover, or even the walls of your patio. If you think that this kind of pattern is too girly, you are able to choose other patterns related to shabby chic style such as plaid, polkadot, or geometrical.

Live and Fresh Plants
You can also have real floral decoration for shabby chic interior design in your patio by placing live and fresh plants. By having real and live plants, you are able to bring warm and romantic touches to your patio. The plants are also able to be the source of oxygen. Orchids and pink roses are suitable for shabby chic look because of their colors. Moreover, live plants will beautify your patio.

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Shabby Chic Patio Interior Design

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