Shabby Chic Shower Curtains for Romantic Bathroom

Shabby Chic Ruffle Shower Curtains Ideas

Shower curtain basically has so many functions. Aside from covering the shower or bathtub, it undeniably makes the bathroom look more beautiful and chic. One of the ideas of shower curtains is those in shabby chic. As you may already know, shabby chic is associated to the ideas that are girly and even feminine. So, how can we recognize the curtains in shabby chic style? Here they are.

So how can you say that certain home fabrics look feminine? Well, one of them is due to the application of ruffles. Curtain with ruffles is more appropriate to be put on a bathroom in which the entire design is still plain. If you find it so monotonous, such curtains can just make the interior look livelier. It is also a good idea when you want to apply something shabby chic but the bathroom itself is still in other interior designs.

Shabby Chic Waterfall Shower Curtain Ideas

Pastel Colors
You must agree that some colors like pink, milky blue, mustard, and other pastel or soft colors are simply feminine. It is also a reason why some boys don’t want to wear such colors since they may not want to look girly. That’s why; curtains in those colors are great to make your bathroom look shabby chic. Let’s say your bathroom interior has been adorned with some shabby chic stuff like ruffled fabrics and many flowers. If you don’t want to make it look more rousing anymore, just put on a plain curtain with one of those colors. Yes, this style is greatly accentuated here.

Floral Patterns
Another characteristic of girly stuff is floral pattern. If there is no ruffled curtain or the pink one, you can still use any other ideas. Why don’t you apply a curtain you may already have? Well, if it has floral pattern, whatever the color it is, it just matches the shabby chic idea well. Actually, floral is not a must. Other kinds of pattern like lace, the classic Fleur-de-lis, and more are also good enough for your bathroom’s shabby chic interior. So, just choose one you like the most.

Of course, only applying a kind of shabby chic shower curtains is sometimes not enough to bring out more vibes of shabby chic. Make sure also the furniture and other stuff are in classic design. in this modern day, just feel the atmosphere of romantic regency era only by entering and enjoying your bathroom anyway.

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