Simple Steps to Make Your Own Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers

shabby chic chest of drawers

Getting new shabby chic chest of drawers will much money, if you crave for this furniture there are some simple steps to go.

  • The first thing you need to do is buying upcycles furniture and make it ready for redecorating. To avoid any paint spill or furniture for slipping around, you had better to cover the entire surface where you work with newspaper. Sometimes, people want to take off the handles separately or just leave them as their original condition.
  • After the preparation, clean the surface by wiping it using damp cloth. This method allows you to get the drawers free from dust and dirt. Then, leave it dry. If you prefer some parts of the furniture without paint and show its natural colour, you have to mask the area using tape.
  • For simpler method, you can choose to paint the drawers that do not need any primer application. You can directly apply the colour you like into the furniture. For the best look paint, you commonly need two or three coats and it is associated with how big the furniture is. For shabby look, you can go with one coat to get a rustic finish that emphasizes its wood grain. If your drawers made from metal, a gold colour works the best for it.

shabby chic vintage dresser

  • If the paint is entirely dry on the furniture, you can take of the tape you previously use as cover.
  • Another important step you need to do is distressing the drawers for more authentic look with sandpaper. To begin the process, use medium grade sandpaper for rubbing both edges and corners parts. It will show natural wood look below as well as areas that have been distressed for years of usage. If you already get the preferred look, continue distressing using softer sandpaper to make the paint look united for more natural look.
  • Make the distressed area look neater by wiping them with dry cloth. The function of this process is to clean the furniture from any dust and excessive paint. If you prefer more distressing, you can take the sandpaper again and redo the last step and wiping once again.
  • After that, you have to make a finishing touches This step includes attaching again the removed handles. You also can add simple decoration for better look such as by giving the drawers with some bling-bling. It actually will give unique look to your shabby chic chest of drawers.

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