Small Bathroom Remodel Pictures Before and After

Pictures and Ideas for Bathroom Makeovers

Are you looking for the small bathroom remodel pictures before and after? Remodeling the bathroom is probably very interesting. It can avoid us from the feeling of boring by seeing the design of a bathroom. More than that, if the bathroom that we have is simple enough, we can just change it into the more attractive one. Although remodeling is often related to the activity that makes you spend more money, there are some simple ways we can do to beautify the bathroom more. Here are some ways of bathroom remodeling that you can do by yourself. Check them out.

Changing Wall Decoration
If your bathroom’s wall is still plain, it is a good time for you to make it more beautiful. There are some ways you can do. If you want to make a permanent wall decoration, installing the tiles or even marble can be a good choice. Make sure that tiles chosen are those that have certain patterns. It is to make the appearance of bathroom will be much different than before. However, if you don’t want to apply a kind of permanent wall decoration, you can just use wallpaper or wall sticker. Undeniably, both wallpaper and wall sticker tends to make the appearance of bathroom become livelier. For the color, you can just adapt it with the floor or wall painting idea that has been applied before. The colors are depending on your taste for sure. Just pay attention if the bathroom you have is small enough, it means that applying wallpaper with dark color is less necessary.

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Rearranging the Furniture
If you have more money, it is actually a good time for you to change your old furniture to the new ones. However, if you are just bored with the bathroom without thinking to buy new bathroom furniture, you can just do this; rearranging your furniture. Of course, for an item that is so big and has been permanently installed like the shower stall, you don’t need to replace it. Meanwhile, for bathtub and toilet, it seems no matter if you want to change their position. Make sure that the new position still makes you feel comfortable. If there are the windows, you must not put the furniture right in front of it so that the sunshine cannot enter well. Adding small items like rug, curtain, and chandelier are great as well to make the bathroom look livelier. So, this is what you need to know about the small bathroom remodel pictures before and after.

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