Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Two Girls to Share

shared bedroom ideas for small rooms

Small bedroom design ideas to be shared by two girls can be the ideas you need if you share a room with your sister or roommate. Even you share the room, you still need a little private space for your things. You also can’t make the room cluttered even the room is divided. All you need is to be creative and getting accessible smart storage for everything. So the room will look tidy even it is the place of two girls with double amounts of belongings.

Room Divider
If you are pre-teen or even older, you must need privacy. Applying screen room divider must be a great idea to part the room. Choose any color of room divider or paneled screens that can be girly divider in the girls’ room. Find the right size to divide the room in two and not too big that can clutter the limited room up. If possible, get a divider with different design or color in each side so it can show the favorite design of each girl.

small bedroom for two sisters

Smart Storage
The small bedroom design ideas also must provide smart storage in the small shared room. Choose platform bed instead of a traditional bed since you can have large drawers under the bed as smart storage spaces. Otherwise, use some baskets as smart storages under your traditional bed. It will work well as valuable space in such limited space.

Additionally, hooks are also great to choose as organizer of kinds of things. Hang some clothes, hats, sport equipment, pocketbooks, etc. on the hooks. It will be effective to get off the things from cluttering on the floor or on bed. Choose coat hooks that are commonly used for mudrooms or foyers and hand it in an area as your additional storage space. Besides, have a hanging shoe rack on the back of the door to have smart space for storing the shoes up to 20 pairs.

Bedding Idea
Right bedding will help making the room to be tidier every day. Provide a comforter to ease you put the bed back every morning. Throw the comforter over your bed and then you can make it. Choose pillowcases that match the comforter instead of the pillow shams for much easier making the bed in the morning.

Having the right design, you can make the shared room tidier and comfortable even it is only a small room. Apply the small bedroom design ideas and have your comfortable space although you should share with your sister.

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