Small Kitchen Design Photos: Important Factors in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchen design photos

Small kitchen design photos are very interesting to see. You’d be surprised as the interior designer can turn a small kitchen into a place which is amazing and you never imagined before. A critical factor in the small kitchen is proportional. This means that each element in the kitchen should be appropriate. Each of the furniture in the kitchen should be arranged without creating spatial concepts into one. This factor is not only made for beauty, but also pays attention to the convenience of the kitchen owner. Each person would want comfort while being in a room. A room has a different proportion. The proportion is dependent upon the area occupied by the goods in the kitchen. You can make the proportions more easily. The trick is to use a scale. Calculate the distance between the refrigerator, table, stove, and other furniture is a simple example that you can do yourself. You can draw a sketch first before implementing a design in your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Lighting
Lighting in a small kitchen is very important. The lighting is meant here is open coming from the lamp. You should be able to prevent the lamp when Suang day or during the day in the kitchen. You should be able to set up a lighting system that does not make you become wasteful of energy. You can take advantage of sunlight so that the temperature in the kitchen is not damp and you stay healthy. If you want a healthy kitchen, then the lighting is a factor that should be well prepared. Use light according to need.

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Air Circulation in Small kitchen
If your kitchen lighting systems already meet the standard, then it should be prioritized is air circulation. The kitchen must have air vents as the place to turn and avoid the damp air. Cooking cause smoke and aroma. Smoke and fragrance continuously accumulate in one room can cause health problems. Do not put a stove in the absence of air circulation because of the smoke and the heat produced by the stove can make you experience respiratory distress. You can try the interesting ideas to create a small kitchen minimalist but still functioning properly. You can add decorations that you find on the internet. But the decor to be fixed according to the main functions of a kitchen. If you feel that the decor makes you become a full kitchen walls and uncomfortable, then do not force it to use in your kitchen decor. If necessary, you can ask an interior designer who can show small kitchen design photos.

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