Small-kitchen Interior Design Ideas

interior design for small kitchen

Here are some things which practical to apply for interior design for small kitchen.

Pot Racks
Mostly, small kitchens only have tight space to place the large and square-shaped pot racks. However, you don’t need to worry since there are other choices for small-spaced kitchen. The racks for the pots don’t need to be hung from the ceiling. Some pot racks place in wall-mounted. They are similar with the pegboard on the wall.

hang pots and pans in small kitchenhanging pot rack ideas

Cooking Utensils Wall Storage
The busiest kitchen in some restaurants can inspire you for interior design for small kitchen. They usually apply the business hardware and also rack to put some utensils. Here are ideas which are perfect for utensils storage which can be put on the wall. Sling the racks for storing the utensils. You can use simple bar and some hooks. The hooks are for holding the hole or lope on the utensils. For holding smaller tools, you can hang baskets to the rack. Other ways, you can paint then sling a pegboard. Hang your utensils on it. To make it more organized, you can place them by its color or by the use. Moreover, to store the spice jars and knives, you can use wall magnets.

Cooking Utensils Wall StorageSmall kitchen with Cooking Wall Storage

Hidden Furniture
Maximizing the function of your tight-space kitchen needs your creativity. You can try many approaches. Try to find the space which can be multipurpose with furniture. Choose the items which are easy to be places. The ideas are for example using bar stools without back. More ideas, you can use kitchen tables or cabinets which can roll-out. The drop-down, cutting boards and tables which mounted on the wall can be used as well.

Hidden Furniture for Small kitchenHidden Furniture kitchen Cabinet ideas

More Space for Counter
If you want to make your interior design for small kitchen become more modern, the most basic things is minimalist counters. These counters are not only contemporary but it can improve the area of the counter. You can be easily to do preparation and cook. The early thing to do is to organize the tiny appliances and items. Other ideas to improve the space are a casual ceramic cook top, a cook top cover and a rolling block for butcher to add more space on the counter.

Minimalist counters for small kitchen ideas

Extra Shelving
Lastly, you should find areas to put the shelving for other storage. Narrow shelves which are put to kitchen island. The shelves will be great for cookbooks. Other spaces such as corner or top of counter can be used for storage for your interior design for small kitchen as well.

Extra Shelving Kitchen Cookbook BookshelvesExtra Shelving Kitchen island storage

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