Small Narrow Bathroom Designs: Beauty in a Tiny Space

narrow bathroom ideas with shower

Having a small bathroom will offer you such challenge to make everything you need fit in the minimum space. It sometimes becomes a complicated task to provide the space for towels and any other toiletries, and to configure the sink and toilet. Therefore, this article is expected to help you to get an idea for the small narrow bathroom designs that will change your ordinary tiny bathroom into a more beautiful and seems-spacious bathroom.

Problems of Having a Small Bathroom
Having small bathroom is not too bad, actually. However, it usually causes you some troubles like:
1. There is not enough storage
2. It looks too minimalist
3. It has no place for towels
4. It has no space to put any toiletries
5. It will make you feel uncomfortable and want to increase the perceived size

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Tips for Small Narrow Bathroom Designs
Fortunately, there are some hacks that you can do to solve the problem without the need of enlarging the small bathroom.
1. If you want to have a sink in your bathroom, then you should install it in the bathroom’s corner, so that it will not detract the traffic lane in the bathroom. It is important to place it across from the toilet works instead of the shower, since the shower door opening and closing will just make the walk around condition become interrupted.
2. You can use a shower curtain to replace the door, since its back and forth moves can save more space than the door’s in and out moves.
3. You can extend the counter using stone or wood slab, so that you can have a wider space available to put some items or toiletries. Another advantage of doing this is that the look will be cleaner and more minimalist.
4. Employ the large scale pattern on your walls or floors, because it can make a more spacious impression. You can use wide stripe if you want to get a minimalist yet modern look.
5. You are suggested not to use a shower door. Instead of using a shower door, it is better for you to apply a glass panel to your bathroom. The glass panel will keep the water in the shower, yet it can provide you more space for elbow room.
6. It will be great if you use a mirror that stresses across the wall in order to make your bathroom looks more spacious. Besides, an expanded mirror can be used by two people at once.
7. Placing the towel on your bathroom door can be an alternative to save the space. It will keep your towels handy and it can let your towel dry as well.

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