Space-Saving Interior Design for Small Bedrooms

interior design small bedroom

Having interior design small bedroom can be so challenging. Here are some clever ideas to make your small bedroom still holding your dream.

Functions over Style
When you have small bedroom, it is more important to talk about function rather than style. Get white drawers and shelves will prevent you from some mess storage. Moreover, you can still keep the style you want by adding layer of storage such as wall hooks.

White drawers and wall hooks bedroom furniture

Smart Color Option
To make your small bedroom feel more spacious, you can use light and cool colors. If you don’t like all white bedrooms, you can consider cool color such grey or cream. This way will give visual space to your bedroom.

Cream color Small Bedroom ImageBeautiful Grey Small bedroom designs

All in One (Seating and Storage)
Although an elegant armchair will beautify your bedroom, a storage bench or ottoman will be more helpful options in your tiny bedroom. The stylish bench has two functions as for seating and storage.

Seating and Storage bedroom furniture

A Private Touch
Do you have favorite color? To make your bedroom becomes your favorite spot, you can still use your favorite color. Your bedroom will still have open and airy room. Paint three walls with light color and get one side of wall to satisfy your favorite color or wallpaper.

Under the Bed
For small bedroom, the space under the bed is very useful to store all your stuff such as books or shoes. You can build a wonderful bed which has metal baskets to keep the storage.

Smart Bedroom Storage under bed Ideas

Trick your Eyes
Applying stripes in a small area can make the room looks more spacious. The room will be seen bigger than before. If you don’t like patterned or stripes walls, you can get one striped rug. This will work as well.

Striped Bedroom Paint Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Small Table Solution
Tiny bedroom needs smaller furniture as well. To give more room for the nightstand, you can keep the lamp out and try to hang the light on the wall next to the bed.

Double-Function Furniture
In a small bedroom, for sure, you can place the bed, dresser, nightstand and desk. However, the result will make your bedroom feel stuffed. It’s better if you consider choosing furniture which serves two functions a time. For example, you can have desk which also has function as side table.

Get the Light In
Natural light will be important role for your small bedroom. It will be the power to improve your spirits and your space will be more spacious. The window is important point to make more space for your interior design small bedroom.

Natural light small bedroom design ideas

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