The Outdoor living space ideas to your next project

Outdoor living space Mountain rock

Check out these latest outdoor living space ideas that will bring you into nature as close as you can. Many people now are considering building outdoor living space in their modern house.

What to consider in create outdoor living space

When you create outdoor living space, then there are several things needed to consider making it not only functional but also delightful.
· Location. Is the areas will be quick trip into kitchen or bathroom or convenient to home?
· Shape. The rectangular shape is the most senses, but you also can chose diagonal furniture layout if the areas longer and narrower
· Size. Is the living areas will take the whole yard, whether will be other spaces for other activities, and etc.
· Continuity. Check the continuity from your house style with the outdoor living style. For example, if you have contemporary house, you can continue with using same or similar material and the architectural features applied into outdoor area.
· Goals. What the main purposes from your outdoor living space? Place for entertain guest, privacy area or for enjoy your garden?

Outdoor living space Moroccan style

Designs of outdoor living space ideas

· Moroccan style. If you want to have warm feel, then this style can be best option with fireplace, sofa sets, wooden table and cushions.
· Mountain rock. This idea comes with rattan furniture and wooden tableside to accomplish the dark painted fireplace in front of wall.
· Repurposed Vintage style. When repurposed and vintage come together, this rooftop patio is fun and exciting to apply to your house. With plastic disc shaped chair, plastic crates as table, and white trays in the center crates, makes everyone love to seat along day in here.
· Privacy curtain. The simple white curtain is applied to soften the outdoor area that build under dark wood pergola. This curtain provides owner and guest with privacy from all sides. The wooden furniture is choose and rug for de-emphasize the long and rectangular shape from the area.
· Master bedroom escape. This is bedroom remodel ideas for those who want to have outdoor space that connected with rooms in ground level.
· Rustic outdoor space. The flagstone is used for exterior wall and flooring in this outdoor living areas with deep seating, fireplace and TV.
· Colony design. This is design that uses separate but connected outdoor living rooms in patio home. The centerpiece pergola and seating in middle, the separate dining area and the raised fire circle in other side create everything in rules.

There are more outdoor living space ideas that you can try for your home remodel ideas. Choose the one that suit with your home style.

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