Things to Consider for the Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Small Bathroom Floor Plans – Only remaining small and narrow space for bathroom is confusing. Yes, even if it is bathroom, it is still better if the size is large enough. Therefore, we can just put anything necessary inside including the furniture, stuff, and other items. Although you may need to think more deeply and work more hardly, there are still many ways you can do to make your small bathroom beautiful, comfortable, and healthy. All of them can be started from the floor plans at first. There are some ideas for small bathroom that you may apply on the floor plans at first before they are realized on the real bathroom. What are they?

Measuring the Bathroom and Items
First of all, you must know well the size of bathroom before drawing the furniture and other items that will be placed inside. It is so that you can estimate the size for each item to be placed. Of course, although the title is small bathroom, it must not be really small. You must make sure that the bathroom is able to load at least three main items; they are toilet, bathtub, and bathroom cabinet. Well, you can actually choose whether you want to use the bathtub or shower stall. If the bathroom can be for both, it is much better of course. Having a small bathroom means that you also cannot put furniture and items in large sizes as well. Make sure to choose furniture with smaller size and when all of them are already placed inside, there must still be the remaining space.

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The Door
Another important thing is about the door. It is mainly if you prefer using door with leaf to the sliding door. When the way you open the door let the leaf to go inside, make sure that it will not hit the bathroom items in order to avoid any damage. For this matter, the calculation must be right so that the appearance of your bathroom become much better. However, if it is impossible to install this kind of door without hitting something, you don’t have any other choice. Yes, you must use the sliding door.

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Not All Things must be inside
You don’t have to place anything inside including the cabinets and vanities if it is impossible. Some of them can be placed outside with a note that it is quite far from other rooms in your house. So, those are what you must consider for the small bathroom floor plans.

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