Tips: Shabby Chic Wall Decor

Shabby Chic Decor Living Room Chandelier

Shabby chic is known by its feminine concept with a lot of supportive accessories. If you want to get shabby chic wall decor in your house or want to combine it to other ideas, here are the tips:

Determine the Concept
Shabby chic is mostly about feminine concept, that is why this kind of style uses pink or purple colors the most. But if you do not really like those 2 colors, you are able to pick other soft colors such as beige, salem, or nude colors.

Wooden wall Decor Shabby Chic style

Combine Wallpapers
The easiest way to bring shabby chic wall decor in your house is by having patterned wallpapers. You are able to combine maximum 2 patterned wallpapers, such as striped wallpaper with zig zag wallpaper. You are also able to combine other 2 patterned wallpapers. But make sure the combination does not make a crash and make the walls in your house looks too much. If you want to have a feminine concept of shabby chic, flower pattern wallpaper will instantly bring it.

You are also able to combine patterned wallpaper with wall paints if you think combining 2 patterned wallpapers is too much. Choose one color from the patterned wallpaper you choose, and make it as the main colors of wall paints in your house.

Pick White Furniture
Because the concept of shabby chic is already crowd, for the furniture choose the ones in white. White furniture is not only able to neutralize the room, but also able to make it looks more spacious. But if you think white furniture is too boring, you can choose wooden furniture. The wood colors is also able to neutralize the room, and bring warm and calm touch.

Also, minimize the use of furniture. Do not place many furniture if you already apply wall decor with shabby chic. It will make the room in your house looks too crowded. Choosing furniture with small size will be suitable.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Wall Decorating ideas

Choose the Right Accessories
If you already pick patterned wallpaper to be applied in the walls of your house, choose simple decorative accessories for the walls. For example, white round wall clock. Or you are able to place hanging plants. The plants are suitable with the concept of shabby chic. Moreover, they are also able to be the source of oxygen in the room of your house. The hanging plants will also bring nature touch to the room.

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