Tour 5 Amazing Best Kitchen in the World

best kitchen in the world

Modern Kitchen
This kitchen can be said as the best kitchen in the world. It has top priority in the building with high-end modern kitchen. You can see the spaces for electronics and dog-feeding area as just the starting point. It has two islands which one of them has changing-colored programmable backsplash. They are prepared two dishwashers, a trash recycler and three appliances garages.

Looking for food? The food is inside the maple cabinets. The cabinets built together with the coffeemaker, oven and microwave. You can get the pan to cook French fries or even bake cookies in the microwave.

contemporary kitchen design ideas Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2017

Modern Kitchen Island with Red-Front Doors & Stainless Hood
This kitchen island is accompanied with the glass stovetop, warming drawer, oven, drawers for pots and pan and also the countertop from CaesarStone. Besides being the kitchen, it can be functioned as bar are for the guests. The homeowners can control everything especially the lighting from the laptop. It is great that people in the kitchen can watch and listen the movie because audio and visual are also installed there. The movie from the entertainment room can be enjoyed while working in the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Island with Red-Front DoorsModern Kitchen Island with Stainless Hood

Minimalist Kitchen
Designed by Amy Finley, this best kitchen in the world focuses more on the common things. The kitchen is designed as the place to gather with family of five children. It is used for weekly dinner with the whole family. The minimalist concept with appliances from La Cornue which makes everything keeps hot. Moreover, the limestone with radiant-heated, the steel meat counter and also unseen drawer help the kitchen stay hot. The ceiling as the center made of metal by the Venice’s famous artist. The ceiling is designed to circulate the sunlight from the sky.

Asian Minimalist Kitchen with Espresso Bar
This kitchen may be the lightest kitchen. It has 1,600 LED light to brighten the kitchen. Inside this bright kitchen, you can find the espresso bar just directly under the shelves which are displaying the coffee cups and saucers.

Asian Minimalist Kitchen with Espresso Bar

Futuristic Kitchen
This kitchen was designed by Pininfarina which has the same company to which designed Ferraris. The kitchen shows the gloss and metallic cabinets. Inspired by the workplace which recycled from aluminum and stainless steel make the acropolis perfect choice. The acropolis is accompanied by large sink, electric cooktop, bottle and knife holders and also many spaces for cooking and storage. This best kitchen in the world has control panel to manage the audio and visual.

Futuristic kitchen cabinetsFuturistic kitchen design imageFuturistic kitchen ideas gallery Futuristic kitchen picture

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