Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Fairy Light Circular Chandelier Unique Outdoor Lighting

When it is the time for you to hold garden party in the summer of you just want to spend a couple of time out there, it is perfect for you to choose unique outdoor lighting to lighting up your garden. For those of you who are looking for some unique outdoor lighting ideas to make the most of your outdoor space, you are in the right place.

Fairy light circular chandelier
You are probably hard to apply this one, but when you done it right, this unique outdoor lighting can be a perfect addition to your garden. You just have to wrap an old hula hoop in fabric and then you have to wrap fairy lights around the old hula hoop. Next step is you have to attach a ribbon, chain, or string and then hang up.

Fairy Light Circular Hula Hoop Chandelier ideas

Rustic buckets which are completed with floating candles
You can add a vintage feel to your garden space with old and rustic buckets. You can fill them with water and put a couple of floating candles on the top and you will have a beautiful decorative lighting piece. You can also add a couple of petals to the top.

Luminous pebble lights
This is the unique outdoor lighting which is really unusual but it is a really perfect idea actually. You can paint little pebbles or anything according to your preference such as marbles etc by using luminous paint and you have to dot them around your garden in order to get a magical atmosphere.

Hanging tea lights
You can put tea lights in tea light holders and ribbon or string can be attached to them. And then you can hang them from a couple of places in your garden at different heights such as gazebos or trees. This is unique outdoor lighting idea for summer weddings.

Fairy Light Circular ChandelierGarden Basket Fairy Light Circular ChandelierHanging Glass Ball Tealight Bubbles Unique Outdoor LightingHanging Glass Tealight Bubbles Unique Outdoor LightingHanging Tea Lights Unique Outdoor LightingLuminous Pebble Light Unique Outdoor LightingLuminous Pebble Lights Outdoor Lighting Unique Outdoor Lighting

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