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Cabinet Unpainted Furniture interior ideas

You do not have to limit yourself to three of five color selections when unpainted furniture provides you endless possibilities. At this post you will find a preparation how to get amazing results by using both water base products and oil base. You can create designer looks which have been customized and you can save a lot of money by applying finishes on real wood furniture from your local unpainted furniture retailer.


  • You have to clean all surfaces and it must be free from all oils and dirt
  • Sanding is one of the important procedures of unpainted furniture. It is important for you not to start sanding by using very fine sandpaper on unfinished wood. You have to prepare the surface by using medium sand paper first after that you can proceed it to finer grades. For a smoother surface it is perfect to use water based finishes than oil based finishes but you do not have to over sand it or the wood will be sealed so much which it will not take a finish.
  • It is well recommended for you to minimize the grain raise particularly on hardwoods like Ash and Oak. Once you are completing preparation sanding and once applying the finish, you have to spray the project by using water or you can also rub down by using a damp cloth.

Unpainted Small Family room interior ideas

  • You can remove the dust by using an air hose, oil free tack cloths or damp cloth. You do not have to sue oil based tack cloth when you are applying water based finish.
  • You do not have to use steel wool when it comes for you prepare wood for water based finish because steel particles are going to cause rust places.
  • There are two ways that you can use to fill nail holes. First you can fill hole once you stain by using putty and the second you can stain the wood and then use water based color putty which mixes the stain.

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